[your] PPC Robot

PPC Robot saves you time and money
by automating the most tedious reporting tasks in AdWords.

PPC Robot allows you to easily use, create, and edit custom report templates
and deploy them across any of your AdWord campaigns.

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Easy-To-Use AdWords Report Automation Tool

The Right Tool For The Job

Whether you're a freelancer, an in-house PPC team, or an agency with hundreds of clients, PPC Robot can help you manage your campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Accelerate Your Workflow

PPC Robot can easily automate a number of tasks, here are just a few…

URL Checking

Scan all URLs in account (ads, ad extensions etc.) to check for errors (404 Not Found and others) and redirects.

Ad A/B Testing

Find out which ad from a group is best performing. Set the minimum number of impressions and testing time so you won’t get results until a statistically significant set of data is collected.

Managed Accounts Overview

Create an easy single-page overview of the performance of all managed accounts. Quickly identify which accounts need your attention, and compare current and past performance for several date ranges.

Custom Reports and more

Create reports that show you only the data you need on various levels (account, ad group, keyword, etc.). We are also preparing an extensive gallery of our custom reports and tools.

What is the Current Status?

The early beta version PPC Robot is currently in development. If you would like to be part of the exclusive early beta group, let us know!

Have any questions about PPC Robot? Drop us a line at info@lynt.cz!

Early Beta Sign Up – Free

It's super easy!

Who Are the Authors of PPC Robot?

PPC Robot is being made by Lynt services s.r.o. We are a marketing agency based in the Czech Republic, and we manage and consult on campaigns of leading e-commerce platforms in the Czech Republic. To be more efficient, we develop our own scripts and tools for marketing automation.

Most of the ideas that power PPC Robot came from Jakub Kašparů, the co-founder and head of marketing at our company. In February 2017, he gave a speech about AdWords automation at the PPC Masters Berlin. In November 2015, we delivered a case study on Sklik automation at the Marketing Festival.